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    Marketo Reverses Lead Score Changes Made by SFDC

      We are trying to make Lead Score corrections to a group of leads by doing a data update list import into SFDC with the corrected Score values. This does not work because Marketo reverses the change upon the next sync. So I'm testing manually by simply changing the score for one lead in SFDC. At the next sync, Marketo changes it back. Note that updates to this field are NOT blocked in Marketo Admin. And in any case, Marketo reverses the change even if the field is NULL and changed to a non-NULL value.


      Note this is the new Score field with the API name: mkto71_Lead_Score__c.


      We can work around this by importing most of the list into Marketo instead of SFDC - but we have several hundred Contacts with no email address, so we can't use that workaround with them.


      I have logged a support ticket with Marketo on this but haven't made progress yet and wondered if anyone in the community had any ideas.


      Thank you!