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Do you use Tokens for global user friendly campaign content?

Question asked by 1f044fbdce8f8f6f25da1f11f3a051c3a6ba9736 on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by 1f044fbdce8f8f6f25da1f11f3a051c3a6ba9736

I'm trying to build an automated sales campaign which references the most recent asset (in real words rather than my campaign naming structure names) to the individual that runs at a global level and references individual campaign.  I'm guessing best way to do this is with tokens but not sure how to get started on creating that structure. Sample copy below. Support didn't have much feedback on how to do and recommended I ask here. 

"Thank you for your recent interest in (<insert token: most recent piece of collateral> example: Best White Paper) from our company."


Are you doing this today?  If so how have you built it?

Thank you!