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    Workflow Rules

    Jeff Clark

      Currently we have workflow rules set up in Salesforce to send Sales Reps a task every 14 weeks to remind them to call Leads.  We want this to be continuous, but Salesforce only allows a set number of rules in a workflow.  So the workflow ends and the Sales Rep has to edit the record when the workflow rule ends and put them back in the strategy to start over again.


      My question is, is there a way to set up a workflow rule in Marketo, where just a task is sent to the Sales Rep every 14 weeks to tell them to make a phone call, that would be continuous and not end?  It wouldn't include sending emails.  It is a simple task that would go to the Lead or Contact record that will simply say make 14 week phone call to follow up.


      I may not be using the proper language to explain this, but I hope someone understands what I'm asking.


      Any help is appreciated.


      Thank you

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          Juli James

          Hi Jeff,


          Does the 14 week recurrence happen no matter what is happening on the lead/contact? And does the 14 week task differ for each lead/contact record, as in, all different dates?


          Could you just send an alert email every 14 weeks via Marketo based on no activity on the lead/contact record tasks?





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              Jeff Clark

              The 14 week recurrence would be for any Lead/Contact who is not flagged as Customer.  So yes, no matter what is happening, the task would be sent to the Lead Owner. 


              The task date should differ because we don't want a task being sent to the Lead Owner for every Lead on the same day.


              I'm new to Marketo, and have only learned the basics as an Admin.  So I know how to set up email campaigns, but haven't really learned how to set up triggers to send the alerts to Salesforce.  Sorry if my questions seem like something easy.

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              Josh Hill

              You could. Look up SLA workflow.


              Trigger or List: XXXX

              Create Task with X info on it like 14 weeks from now with a date token (not sure if that works though)

              Wait 14 weeks

              Create Task




              You won't be able to do this perpetually, however, you could do something like that with a weekly batch campaign that allows a lead to enter every 14 weeks if it meets the smart list criteria. I dont think you should do this for leads in certain statuses.