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    How to track SFDC activity in Marketo?

    Sarah Mayer

      Hi everyone!


      I'm about to segment out my "active" leads from my "inactive" leads, but I know my reps are interacting with leads that may not be interacting with our Marketo emails (i.e. they won't qualify for filters like Opened Email or Clicked Link in Email because the emails the reps are sending are from Outlook, not Marketo -- or they answered a Call not an email) and I want to make sure I don't mark those as "inactive".


      So my question is, how do I make sure the leads who are interacting with my reps (but not with my Marketo emails) are marked as "active"?



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          Gerard Donnelly

          Sarah Mayer when you say segment out active and inactive do you meant that you are going to stop sending the inactive leads emails?


          If that is the case then I wouldn't even worry about interactions between your sales team and the leads.  If the lead is not interacting or interested in your Marketo emails they always have the ability to unsubscribe if they want. 


          With regards to keeping your data and sends cleaner and leaner you could segment based on something like "hasnt opened an email in 90 days".  This would be part of a lead lifecycle project in my opinion.  You might want to put them in a bucket for a while and then reach out to them again in a few months if there status or lead score hasn't hit a certain threshold. 


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            Harish Gupta

            Hi Sarah,


            You need to create a lead lifecycle model, so when your Sales team start interacting with lead, they move him/her to proper status which would give you information that the lead is in engaged with Sales team and its Active lead.



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                Sarah Mayer

                Hi Harish,


                How did you set up your lead lifecycle? Right now, we have a "status" field on Leads and Contacts in SFDC, and when a rep is interacting with them they are supposed to mark them as "prospecting" -- then, if they reply with interest, the reps are supposed to convert them to an opportunity. Is this what you mean? How would I use this in my Active versus Inactive segmentation?