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    Filter Custom Objects

    Sarah Way

      Is there a way to apply a filter in a smart list to all entries within a custom object? Currently, when I try, it only pulls people if they have at least one that match the criteria.


      For example, we have a custom objects for policies, which has a field in the custom object for cancel dates. If the policy is active, the cancel date field is empty. Each lead can have multiple policies, some with cancel dates, some without. We are looking to only email people who have NO policies that are active (going by cancel date). So the filter should be Has Policy > Policy Cancel Date is not empty. Unfortunately, this is bringing up everyone who has at least one policy that has a cancel date. We want to pull people who only have policies with cancel dates. So if John Smith has 4 policies, 3 with cancel dates and 1 without, we don't want him in our list. But if Susan Jones has 6 policies, and all have cancel dates, we want her included.


      Is there a way to apply the filter to ALL policies within the custom object?