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    Disable/Enable SF sync

    Digital OC

      Hi all,


      Do you know what happens if I disable SF sync and after a while I re-enable it?

      Do you know if the update will flow after re-enabling it?

      Do you know if the previous set up, not modifed, remain inalterate?

      Do you know if we can change the mapping?


      Many thanks,



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          Josh Hill

          There are a lot of threads on the Sync as well on docs.marketo.com


          If you disable the sync, data will stop and when you re-enable it, the data will attempt to go between systems, which could lead to a giant backlog depending on the amount of changes on either side. You will end up with dupes most likely.


          Task actions DO NOT queue up on the Marketo side and they will be lost.


          Data field mapping and changes can be done. There are threads and issues depending on your scenario.

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