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    Best Practices? Update Profile/Preferences for Existing Leads

    Courtney May

      I'd like to send an email to a smart list of leads asking them to visit a landing page we've created that includes a form to "update" their current profile and preferences within our database. The information are items like first name, last name, dob, phone, etc.


      How can we do this where the email address for the form is pre-populated with what already exists for their Lead ID, and we aren't creating duplicate leads in the database when they submit the form?


      Very basic sample: http://campaign.fivestaralliance.com/Profile.html


      I'm sure this is something easy, but I haven't been able to figure it out.



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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Courtney,


          Please move this to Products  where it belongs. The specified item was not found. is for generic, non Marketo related questions.


          What you request is a standard Marketo behavior. If the person is known in your DB and clicks on a link in a Marketo email then land on a MARKETO landing page, the fomr will automatically be prefilled, unless you have explicitely deactivated prefill in your instance or in the form.


          if the landing page is not a Marketo LP, then prefill will not be available as this only work on Marketo LP's.