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Nurture Campaign Setup

Question asked by Gerard Donnelly on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by 9644fd0eaf117f1935a9e6b872f66f3dc3b323c0

I have not yet found a best practice nurture campaign setup.  I would love to find out what people here currently do.


Things I'm really interested in knowing:

Do you move people between streams based on a score field for the nurture campaign or through behaviours?

If you say behaviours then what does that look like? Opens x emails, clicks x emails, downloads content etc...


Some other things I'd like to know:

How much content in each stream?

How do you decide cadence? Does in decrease as you move streams?

Do people have the ability to binge on the content? Can a lead consume content faster than the cadence.

Anything else you see relevant.


I know this is open ended.  I just want to get some good pointers to move forward with.