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Functionality of Inactivity Filters

Question asked by Steven Musche on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by Dan Stevens.

When using the inactivity filters, I'm wondering how the logic applies to the constraints that you can add. For example, I want to exclude people that have had their Lead Status changed to 1 of 3 values in the past 30 days. I don't care what the current value for Lead Status is, only what happened in the past 30 days (meaning, if the status has since been changed to another status, I still want these people in my smart list). I want to know if I should include "New Value IS X,YZ" or if it should be "New Value IS NOT X,Y,Z"


Screenshot below for what I currently have in place to achieve this.


Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 3.40.10 PM.png


Put another way, I want this list to pull in everyone that has not had their lead status changed to No Reply, Disqualified, or Not Engaged in the past 30 days.


Thanks in advance!