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    Which "email invalid cause" should be a solid "delete" in any list?

      I'm cleaning up my database and I'm going through my bounces. I have about 1800+ leads on this leads which a variety of email invalid causes. The biggest chunk of which is are labeled:


      • 550 [internal] [oob] the recipient is invalid (about 800+)
      • 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected (140+)
      • 554 5.4.7 [internal] exceeded max time without delivery (180+)


      Do you recommend that we delete these or does it warrant further investigation?


      Also, are the invalid causes that are automatic deletes for you? Thank you!

        • Re: Which "email invalid cause" should be a solid "delete" in any list?
          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Katherine,


          In any case, I recommend that you never fire automatic delete, because there is no undo in Marketo and if you make an error there, it's irremediable.


          Usually, we recommend that you scroll over these hard bounces with a few criteria in mind:

          • Are they leads or contacts?
          • What was their status / level of relationship with your company ?
          • Did they hard bounce on first email or did it happen after multiple successful emails ?


          Hard bounces that are customers, or quite engaged with you, or simply core targets are worth a re-qualification from the telesales or telemarketing, to identify a replacement. Hard bounces that happened on first emails might be simple spelling errors and often can be fixed easily.



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