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    Workspaces and Partitions

    Addy Sharma

      Hi All,


      I'm planning at using workspaces and partitions for my organization. However, before i go ahead with it I would like to check how is it to have workspaces and partitions as I'm looking for a simple solution rather than a cumbersome one.


      Can anyone please help me here? Is anyone using work-spaces and partitions for their organization. Is yes, is it difficult to do the implementation ourselves  or we need implementation support from marketo? I contacted Makrteo but they charge heaps for implementation.


      Is it worth setting it up or buy a whole new marketo instance instead?



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          Grace Brebner

          I'd be interested to hear more about your specific use case. I.e., how big is your team? How are you thinking about splitting your workspaces? Will you have team members or data that you would like to restrict to only accessing one workspace/partition?


          I haven't found workspaces and partitions overly cumbersome for the cases I've worked with - especially when working with large businesses that own multiple brands or operate in multiple regions. But equally, I've seen cases where a well regimented folder structure is enough if it's a single team/individual running the instance.


          RE: implementation - again, I'd say it depends on your specific use case. I would strongly recommend at the very least doing some thorough reading through the documentation space & community. The actual implementation isn't particularly difficult, but it's really important to make sure that the planning you've done around the structure is thoroughly considered. It's a difficult thing to undo if you discover 6 months down the line that you didn't set it up the most effective way for your situation.

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              Addy Sharma

              Thanks Grace,


              We have two brands that work autonomously, brand A and Brand B, Brand A has got Marketo instance setup and is functional and now we want to set up a couple forms and LP on Brand B website (It will have different assets as the template has to be different for brand B) and we want the Database to be separate because we have got triggered campaigns for our brand A and we do not want the Brand B customers to receive the brand A emails as we do offline import to the database every now and then.


              These brands do not operate from different geographic locations they are based in one location.


              We are a small team where the Marketo Instance is controlled by one or max two people.


              I agree, I'm going through the documentation to have a clear understanding about partitions and work spaced. However, If you can help me with what will be best for the business in this scenario that will be great. Let me reiterate, our brand A has got marketo setup and is working fine all we need is to introduce a few forms in brand B (different assets to brand A) so that we can track the users for brand B as we are not doing that now. we want to keep the database separate. I'm not sure if workspace or partitions is even required for what we want to achieve as I think a hidden field should be able to help us achieve what we want. only issue will be the database but I'm sure there is a workaround with that too via segmentation.


              Thanks again

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                  Grace Brebner

                  Hey Addy, no problem!


                  I'd say part of your consideration here then should probably be future proofing.


                  It sounds like your small team is running both brands rather than having independent teams separated between the two. Much of the benefit from different workspaces is being able to control which users have access to each space - with a small team, this won't currently be a factor for you (though you may wish to factor it in if you expect to grow quickly).


                  I've run a multi-national instance as a single user in a high compliance environment (finance), & because I was the primary sole user of the instance, I ran with a regimented folder structure and well defined data processes. We shared many program templates and assets across the two regions, and for that use case it was the most manageable option. We had key "master" smart lists & segmentations that were requirements for all campaigns and, with a pretty clean data structure and solid sign off procedures, we didn't encounter issues with incorrect sendings.


                  Again - recommend reading into it more. This question from February got some really good feedback that'd be worth your reading: Marketo Workspaces: Pros and cons?. But (and especially if Brand A's instance is already operational) it sounds to me like with a review of your data structure, folder/naming structure, and creation of some key master smart lists/segmentations, you may not need workspaces or partitions.

                  Just remember that segments within a segmentation are mutually exclusive! If you create brand segmentations, you may require 3 segments: i) Subscribed to ONLY Brand A, ii) Subscribed to ONLY Brand B, iii) Subscribed to BOTH Brand A & B.


                  Hope that helps

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                      Josh Hill

                      I generally agree.  Some great points in the referenced article.


                      There are additional data issues that occur with WS/LP that may not be worth it in some scenarios. I have multiple countries and teams right now, but we haven't gotten to WS/LP yet because the volume and requirements haven't reached a point where the overhead is worth it.

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                  Neil Robertson-Ravo

                  Also note that Workspaces and Partitions are "free" in the new pricing model so worth speaking to our AM in order not to spend unnecessarily.