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Has anyone successfully set up a subscription center based on email frequency?

Question asked by Nicol Maurer on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by Grace Brebner

I like the idea of the subscription center based on what type of emails someone would prefer to receive, but for our business model, it wouldn't have much of an impact. It would be far more useful for us to be able to give a person the option of number of emails they would like to receive. For example, the user will be taken to a form with a choice of 1) receive all marketing emails we send 2) once a week 3) bi-monthly 4) once a month or 5) unsubscribe from all. I had even gone so far as to create custom fields for 1-4, a form with radio buttons, a landing page for the subscription form, and confirmation landing pages for each choice. I'm sort of stuck at this point. The more I read about setting up a subscription center based on email type, I begin to lose sight of what I would rather accomplish; and the solution becomes muddy.