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    Marketo Outlook Add-in Pros and Cons

    Gerard Donnelly


      I would love to get peoples views on the Outlook Add-in.  I don't currently have it implemented and I'm reluctant to let Sales know about it or use it without first getting some more views and opinions from others who have already implemented it.  It seems to me that it could be more hassle than its worth.


      Thanks in advance,



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          Darrell Alfonso

          Hey Gerard,


          At my last company, the plugin for Outlook for was a hit - this time around not so much. Adoption of this feature will depend on training and advocacy within the org. The key benefits are the pre-made email templates and the open and click reporting. The reporting is in MSI in Salesforce so sales should already be in the habit of checking the module daily. If they are not, then it will be a difficult roll out.


          In my successful case - sales and marketing met every week with frequent training sessions. I am now at a global company where it is challenging to align the multiple offices, time zones, and varying sales teams.


          I do have a few users who like the tool and we are trying to generate wins that will spread. I would say: if you have the resources and bandwidth to plan and support the roll out that would be ideal.

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            Eric Woll

            Hi Gerard,


            Our sales team likes the ability to quickly email from within Outlook, and have the added insight on Opens and Clicks. Tokens don't fill in when using the Outlook plug-in, but that hasn't been an issue with our team. We typically do trainings every month to show our new reps MSI, and its use cases. In addition, we have reps that will reach out to us about sending an email using MSI, and almost all of them request a license for the Outlook Plug-in.


            I agree with Darrell and his thoughts on rolling it out. The vigilance on getting sales familiar with MSI is important. Hope this helps!

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