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    RCA - Program Opportunity Analysis Response Date


      Looking to understand if there is a way to determine using RCA - Program Opportunity Analysis - when the campaign response occurred?  Is it somehow tied to the Program Cost Timeframe at all and could that be used as a proxy?  If so, what are the limitations?


      Currently - I don't see any fields that look to be able to help to be able to do this in Program Opportunity Analysis and thought maybe the cost month are somehow associated to response date.  So, for example if say a lead responds in May to a program with cost months Jan-May that the cost month in Opportunity Analysis would read May as well?  Additionally this feeds that question for programs with multiple cost months how is the cost month is picked as the cost month for the influence on that opportunity?


      Any help given would be greatly appreciated?




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          Josh Hill

          Can you tell us what the report should show you? It's not really clear what info or question you are asking the data.


          Program Cost Month is what you put under the Program Setup. If the date of Program Cost and Opp Creation align, then the cell would be filled in...at least that's what I recall.

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              Hey Josh thanks for the response.  I think the main question I'm looking to understand is if cost month has any relation to a program membership (program response) date in Marketo?  Essentially we are trying to use cost month as a proxy for response date for an influenced (program opportunity analysis) report we are running in RCA since there isn't a field for program membership (response) date in that report and were wondering if that is accurate reporting. 


              Per above screenshot, the report in RCA essentially should show opportunities and the influencing programs.  One of the fields is cost month which we were using as a proxy for response / membership date but wanted to verify if that is accurate.