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    Why does Email Performance Reporting differ from Email Program Dashboard?

    Anh Ly

      I've already submitted a ticket to Support but wanted to see if I would be able to receive faster, and likely, more accurate feedback on an issue I've uncovered.


      We sent out our Q2 Newsletter to 3 different smart lists that we broke out by recent activity/status. An a/b test was sent out to 10% of the population with the winner of the best subject line sent to the remaining audience. The actual issue we're seeing is a discrepancy between the Email Performance reporting and the campaign dashboard. We broke out the reporting to be more defined based on the 3 smarts lists and regions (US, UK, NL, Rest of World) contained in the program. Upon running the analytics, we are seeing a huge difference in the # of clicks, more specifically unsubscribes, between the actual dashboard and analytics report. The dashboard is showing 94 unsubscribes whereas the reporting has 0. I've included an attachment of all screenshots for your reference. Would anyone know what the cause of the discrepancy would be?