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    Tracking Email Sent, Opened, Clicked in SFDC

    Michelle Tang

      Hi there! We are trying to track those who have sent, opened and clicked any emails into SFDC. The big picture is that we want to see how prospects are progressing from when they receive a nurture email to MQL to SQL, etc. all in one SFDC report.


      We don't want to create a new SFDC campaign name to track it with the statuses. Is there any alternative?



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          Darrell Alfonso

          Try a campaign with leads report.


          You can view member status and lead status in the same report.

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            Gerard Donnelly

            So if it was me, I would probably create a dozen different types of report based around lead score, nurture campaign, interesting moments, MQL and SQL.  Once I created all the reports I would then pull them all into a single Salesforce dashboard.


            It all depends on whats fields you have created in your Marketo instance and also which fields are mapped to Salesforce.


            These reports could be broken up by region, product etc and show things like: the time between MQL and SQL for certain nurtures, time between Lead created date to SQL date for people who entered through a certain nurture compared with people who SQL that weren't in the nurture.


            I think you will have a hard time trying to pull stats like Sent, clicked and opened without using a new campaign and status'. Other data also might be more interesting and revealing than those metrics but I don't know your individual circumstance.





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              Ranvijay Singh

              Hi Michelle,

              You can use program channels in Marketo that can have different program statuses at different steps, in a way how leads should progress. Using smart campaigns you can update, the status for leads who fulfill the criteria. Then create similar status for the SFDC campaign.


              Here is the document that may help you:   Create a Program Channel - Marketo Docs - Product Docs


              Then, create similar status for the SFDC campaign in Salesforce and update the status from Marketo using the step "change status in SFDC Campaign" or Create the SFDC campaign directly from Marketo so that the campaign has the similar status as for the program.


              Hope this Helps.

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                Melina Chan

                Can I ask if anyone has been successful to change the status of Salesforce emails via Marketo? e.g. If it is sent from the sales on SFDC, can we change the status of SFDC on Marketo? Especially with open and clicks? The email is not sent from Marketo and in this case there is no sales insight installed hence there are also no interesting moments to look at.