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    Click to Campaign

    Steven Killion

      I'm trying to figure out how to have people drop into certain campaigns based on a link they click in an email. For instance, if I were to place our 4 solutions in one general email, would I be able to drop people into the campaign of the one they clicked on?


      I know you can do this in Eloqua with a blind form submit and a unique code that is placed in the link. Is this the same for Marketo?

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          Eileen DeLeon

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          You can use a triggered Smart Campaign that listens for the "clicks link in email" action. In the smart list tab, define your smart list as "Clicks Link in Email" then use constraints to define the specific email and link you'd like Marketo to listen for. Then in the flow tab, define the steps you want the lead to follow once they've taken this action (e.g. send an email, add them to a program with a particular status, etc.). This may be helpful:



          If you have four links you'd like to listen for and distinct flow steps associated with each, you may need to use four Smart Campaigns built in this way to listen for each link click.

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