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Multiple send email performance report

Question asked by 180352ff630d524f0f76963d07fca04fdf3e4888 on Jun 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by Joey Forcelli

I had to create a batch campaign that sends an initial email, and then if the email hasn't been opened for one week, it resends  the same email again. Then, in one week, if the email hasn't been opened, it resends it again. One week later it resends it the 3rd time to non-opens.


I wonder how to create a report in Analytics for each of these sends. Each report has to show the metrics applicable to each of these 4 sends so that we could compare the Open and Click to Open rates between them.


I tried to create such reports but the open and click rates shown are cumulative for all dates included in the smart list, because I believe the metrics in report are applicable to the email itself (which was the same in each of these 4 sends) and not to the flow steps in the campaigns. Is there a better way to generate such a report?