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    Align checkbox on a form

    Carly Stevens

      Hi all,


      Trying to align this checkbox but having difficulties. I am using a label as I need to be able to link out to the privacy policy. I try different label widths but nothing seems to be working. Here is a preview: Argus Media  > looks like the below.

      The code within the landing page for a checkbox is:


      .mktoForm .mktoCheckboxList {

      float: left !important;

        display: block;

        padding-left: 15px;

        text-indent: -15px;

        width: 13px;

        height: 13px;

        line-height: 13px;

               padding: 0;


        vertical-align: bottom;

        position: relative;

        top: -1px;

        *overflow: hidden;


      I tried removing the label and putting into the display value (albeit that I couldn't include a link this way), this looked better but the tickbox was misaligned. Only change I made to the above was to float right, not left.

      Help would be appreciated! Sanford Whiteman - are you able to see what's going on here? If option 2 is easier to figure out then perhaps we could explore this route - option 1 would be preferable though.