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    Setting up lead scoring

    Nick Altenburg

      Hello Community,


      I am re-posting this because my old post was unintentionally marked answered and I can't figure out how to switch it to unanswered. Darrell Alfonso has been very helpful, so I am not going to delete the other one, but I would like some more input on the subject. Two minds are better than one, but a whole community of marketers... the ideas are virtually endless!


      We are planning on switching over to SalesForce from Microsoft Dynamics. One of the projects for when we make the switch is setting up lead scoring (which we currently have an old, unused system set up that is not linked to Dynamics). I want to get started on setting up the new one now. Would it be practical to have it set up and running in only Marketo until we get SFDC? If I do set it up in Marketo only, would it be easy to sync it to SFDC when we switch over? Also, would it clash with the system that is already there?


      I am looking forward to your feedback!




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          Carly Stevens

          Hi Nick,


          There wouldn't be any harm in setting it up now, in fact, if you let it run for a while you could review ahead of switching on and syncing to SFDC. I.E. if someone hits your projected desired MQL score, were they truly an MQL at that stage? You can assess and tweak before pushing through to SFDC. If you're keen to have people hit a score and be followed up by sales during this time, it would just mean setting up an alert for those who do hit your desired lead score, then working out a way to liaise with sales to follow up. Depending on volume, a simple email could suffice.


          It'd be relatively straight forward to sync with Salesforce, you'd just need to sync the lead score field into a field on the prospect record in SFDC, then create some rules to notify a sales person/add to a lead queue for follow up.


          If there's an old scoring system in Marketo that you don't use, I'd recommend deleting and putting lead scores back to zero. If leads have not been followed up before now, then they're probably stale. Or you could take a view on those who have hit the old threshold score recently - and see whether they're worth following up.




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            Joey Forcelli

            Hey Nick,


            I would recommend implementing once you have final approval on the model; don't wait for the integration between SFDC and Marketo to be up and running.  The lead score, urgency, etc.  will all sync over to SFDC once you integrate the platforms.  Setting up lead scoring sooner will give you a more accurate representation of your leads activity.


            I agree with Carly in that email alerts should be sent to the BDR's once leads hit your MQL threshold. 

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