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    Success data discrepancy

      I was trying to put together some reports for one of our Program successes. When I checked the Program Summary tab, it specified successes were 174.

      I wanted to get more granular data so I created a Revenue Explorer report looking for number of successes. In this RCE report, the number of successes was almost double.


      I checked with Support and the reason behind this discrepancy is that while the Program was working, the success status changed. We thought after removing the previous leads the success number will be up-to-date.


      However, in Marketo, Program successes will update on the Program Summary tab but not in RCE reporting, which shows all leads that achieved success with the past success status and the new success status.


      This doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, as Revenue Explorer reports should be able to get precise up-to-date data. Is there any way of seeing actual updated successes on this type of reports?