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    Tokens not populating in an ICS file

    Barry Hershly

      Hello, I created an ICS file token to use with an ON24 Webinar. I inserted this token into a confirmation landing page and confirmation email (once they've registered).


      In the description box, I use two tokens:

      Webinar: {{my.WebinarTitle}}

      Join now:{{member.Webinar URL}}


      Neither one are populating. I believe that this function was working previously, but isn't working now at all. Any ideas on why these are not populating?

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          Sanford Whiteman

          The common understanding is that you need to have a wait step before trying to use {{member.tokens}}, as they are created via remote connector API calls and cannot be used immediately.



          Of course, no one actually knows how long to wait, because if there's a prob with the connector it might never populate the tokens! I've seen people wait 2-10m. The whole thing frankly gives me the creeps but make sure you have at least some delay.