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    Best way of dealing with webinar recordings

    Luben Solev

      Hi All,


      We are running Webex Event Center for our webinars and are in the process of implementing Marketo.


      Those of you that have the same set-up, how do you deal with sharing the webinar recordings with:


      1) People who registered (and either attended or no showed) for the live webinar

      2) On-demand registrants after the original webinar has taken place


      I'm trying to think of a way that will:

      a) Provide the best user experience

      b) Allow us to track/score webinar views


      Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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          Darrell Alfonso

          Hi Luben,


          Good question, and sorry that I use Citrix vs Webex, but I believe the outcome will be the same.


          We upload the recording to Youtube as unlisted, then embed that Youtube video into a simple marketo landing page.


          For attendees and no shows, the follow up email has a link directly to the ondemand landing page, which can be tracked and scored.


          On our website we promote the ondemand recording behind a gate/form fill (we just reuse the webinar registration landing page and change the date to "watch on demand" and register to "watch now". Those leads are then captured by the form and added as new leads, unless of course they already exist.


          Hope that helps.

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              Luben Solev

              Thanks Darrell.  I think one of the key differences between Citrix GoToWebinar and WebEx Event Centre is that the latter stores the recording on your PC in a format of your choice, whilst the latter stores in the cloud and requires time and software to convert to a file on your HDD.  With the number of webinars we will run across Europe, I'm looking for a more streamlined process, which does not involve transcoding, uploading to YouTube/Vimeo etc.  Thus I was wondering if there is a way to simply embed the WebEx recording within a Marketo LP.

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              Hi Luben - to add on to what Darrell said is to think about the user experience from receiving the content.  For those that attend the webinar, you might want to think about setting up campaigns to deliver the content based upon the person's program status being updated.


              For example: if registrants are being driven through Marketo form fills (which I think is the integration) then you can assign program status at time of form fill.  Pre configure a smart campaign to send a reminder email the day of the webinar with the access information, this would be based upon program status of registered.


              Upon completion of the webinar - update their program statuses and send appropriate follow up.  I would agree with Darrell in that you would want to send a direct link to those who attended and update a LP with the webinar video and form fill for access on demand.  A further thought here is to create a teaser video from the webinar that is about 30 seconds or so long that gives the visitor a glimpse into the webinar content.  This could be used to drive form fills for the actual webinar recording. 


              There are also TONS of third party integrations to help you manage video engagement data and integrate into lead scoring (VidYard for example).  But you will want to be sure to update your lead scoring campaigns with tokens to update score values based upon program status changes. 


              Thank you!



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