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    Total Campaign Opens vs Unique Opens

      Hi folks,


      Question for you today. When running an email program and reporting on it via the email performance report we are given a total number of unique opens for each email and totals all of these opens at the bottom. (See below)



      However, I'm looking for the total number of unique opens across the whole campaign. I can build out a smart list & smart campaign to track this, but find that the number does not equal out to the number in my email report. (See below)

      Smart Campaign:

      Smart List:


      I read in a different stream that this is due to the email report tracking some pixel while the smart list & campaign do not. So my question is, is there a way to track unique values across the whole campaign or am I destined to have 90% of the data?


      I can reference a campaign with more than one email for a better example if needed.


      Thank you,

      Matthew Wucher