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    rules for duplicate leads

    Teresa Hsu

      What's the rules in Marketo to identify duplicate leads? 

      I'm assuming they are first name, last name, and email address?

      I got these 2 leads that have same name and phone number but different emails.  Marketo counts them dups.

      How do I change the setting?




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          Justin Norris

          Hi Teresa Hsu,


          Marketo will de-deuplicate based on email address only when a person fills out a Marketo form or during a list upload.  It does not consider first name and last name.


          The standard "Possible Duplicates" smart list checks for duplicates based on email only as well, although you can configure the smart list to check for duplicates based on other fields. However, you can only check for duplicates based on one field at a time.


          If you have different logic around de-duplication that you want to apply at the form/upload level, you can request support to change your de-duplication rules to consider email address + one other field. This approach should be used with great caution because it can really mess up your data.



          Justin Norris | Perkuto

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            Raymond Johnson

            Hi Teresa,


            If you are using lead partitions, Marketo will flag a lead as duplicate even if that duplication occurs across partitions. So, if you are seeing Marketo flag leads as duplicates, but there is no duplicate lead with the same email address in your lead partition, that is because the duplicate exists in a different lead partition.

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