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    Email Formatting difference Marketo vs. Outlook

    Jeremy Nunez

      Hi all,


      Does anyone know why when I view my email template as a webpage -- the formatting is completely different than when I open the email in outlook/Gmail? Basically -- the images, line-height between sentences and button padding gets completely distorted in email platforms but not via the web-page view.


      Thanks in advance

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          Justin Norris

          Jeremy Nunez


          Generally speaking, coding emails requires practices that do not apply to coding a web page.


          There are a lot of gotchas that sometimes go against best practices on the web - for example, CSS often needs to be in-lined to be fully compatible with different email clients.


          I would recommend using a template that has been fully tested across clients for use with Marketo or get a specialist in coding Marketo emails to look at your code.



          Justin Norris | Perkuto