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    Custom API (non-SF) Opportunity Integration

    Bill Wolfe

      I'm curious if there are any customer successfully integrated with a non-SF CRM using the Marketo API's for opportunities.  We have a consultant that told us we need Salesforce but it seems like we shouldn't since there are opportunity related API's. 



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          Courtney Grimes

          Hi Bill,


          There should be no need for Salesforce specifically when creating opportunities inside of Marketo. Now, you need to not have a native CRM sync (i.e., no SFDC or MS Dynamics), work with support to establish the opportunity fields you'll need, a way to associate records (and companies, if applicable), and an external opportunity ID, but that's about the bare minimum.

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            Alejandra Mesta

            Hi Bill –  I hope this helps.

            1) Yes it is definitely possible to integrate other CRMs with the opportunity object.

            2) Generally some middleware is required in this case.

            3) It won't work if the instance has already been synched with CRM before using a native connector, as once this happens the native connector has exclusive ownership of that API


            I work at Perkuto, a Marketo consulting agency. Would you like to chat to see if we can help? We are very experienced in finding the solution that makes the most sense for each business case. You can reach me at 720-556-1018 and alejandra@perkuto.com

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