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    Maximum file size for a gif to use in an email

    Khushboo Yadav

      What is the maximum file size that we can have for the gif to load in an email?

      I have a gif that is 1.7mb but it takes a couple seconds (seems like a lot) to load in the inbox.


      Can someone share any best practices around this?


      Much Appreciated.



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          Sanford Whiteman

          1.7 MB???   That's a big web image in any context, let alone in an email (where it's likely only downloaded once, so caching is of no use).


          There's no absolute max single file size, since as you can see the GIF still loads, it just is a bad user experience.


          I'd strive to keep individual images under 100K, the total of all images under 500K. But it's flexible: if you only have only image, maybe that one could be 200K.


          You can use your browser to get a rough idea of end-user download times. On Chrome, it's Developer Tools » Network tab » Throttling dropdown. On a quality 4G link, a 1.7 MB img takes ~4s to download, and you feel it for sure.


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            Ranvijay Singh

            Hi Khushboo,

            Your .gif image size doesn't matter as you can use any size, but going with perspective of best practices, its not at all correct to use 1.7 mb file.

            1) many email servers may spam your IP address as usually such large content is not part of good emails.

            2) also many Email servers or ISP's in countries of Asia-pacific may also reject your email due to its large size.

            3) The emails should be brief and quick that grabs the users interest and such emails may take a lot of time in loading all its contents which may make you loose your leads due to their loss of interest.