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Open Data for Marketers

Question asked by Allen Pogorzelski on Jun 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by Allen Pogorzelski

I've seen a couple of different threads about identifying bogus names and email addresses, using job titles to classify contacts into job roles and job functions, and identifying personal email addresses. The data to do these things is out there, but it can be hard to come by.


As a side project, a couple of us at Openprise and some friends in the community have decided to start an open data project for marketers to share our data sets, contribute to them, and build new ones. So far, we've curated a series of data sets like Free Email ISP Domains, Suspect Contact Names (a.k.a. "The Mickey Mouse List"), and Job Sub-functions in Marketing, HR, and Finance.


One of the more interesting potential projects that was discussed in the last MUG was building a list of domains where we’re all seeing spam/security solutions scanning emails and registering clicks as they follow the links in the emails through “multilevel intent analysis”. If you’re interested in taking part in that project, just let us know.


You can download any of the open source lists we've been working on at If you're interested in joining the community to help with managing data sets or creating news ones, you can find out more on the site. The more the merrier!


Hope everybody finds these data sets helpful.