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GoToWebinar Tokens {{member.registration code}} and {{member.webinar url}}

Question asked by Michael Florin on Jun 19, 2017
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I learned today - better late then never, right? - that there's a token {{member.registration code}} which is returned by your event adapter. I had hoped I could use that token to create the unique GoToWebinar Calendar Link instead of using the Marketo Calendar token. But I'm confused...


Here are real life values that these two tokens return:


Attendee Link:

Registration Code: 6173238104416800525


So obviously the Registration Code is not part of the Attendee Link, or {{member.registration code}} is not part of {{member.webinar url}}.


And here's how the GoToWebinar Calendar File URL looks like:


So that user ID in "user=338622444" is not {{member.registration code}}. Unfortunately...


Anybody familiar with this situation who might give me a hint on how to proceed?