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    Setting up Lead Scoring

    Nick Altenburg

      Hello Community,


      We are planning on switching over to SalesForce from Microsoft Dynamics. One of the projects for when we make the switch is setting up lead scoring (which we currently do not have set up). I want to get started on setting it up now. Would it be practical to have it set up and running in only Marketo until we get SFDC? If I do set it up in Marketo only, would it be easy to sync it to SFDC when we switch over?


      I am looking forward to your feedback!




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          Darrell Alfonso

          Hey Nick,


          What did you end up going with?


          I never saw this question till now, and thought it was interesting.


          It definitely is beneficial to setup lead scoring as soon as possible using any system.


          It's very tricky and tedious to score behavior going backward.


          I have some experience doing this, so, happy to brainstorm with you.



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              Nick Altenburg

              Hi Darrell,


              I actually have not taken any action on this yet. I edited my question, and it was marked "assumed answered", which is not true.. Do you know how to change it to unanswered?


              From what I understand, and please correct me if I am wrong/add additional thoughts, the only downside of setting up lead scoring that is not synced to our current CRM would be I can only score based on activity tracked in Marketo.

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                  Darrell Alfonso

                  Hmm, not sure how to change that. I would post again to reopen it to the group.


                  And yes that sounds about right.


                  Demographic scoring wouldn't really be a problem either.


                  It's the cumulative behavior score that's hard to go backward and get, so starting as soon as possible is advantageous.


                  Not to mention that, invariably, many of the initial scoring estimates will be wrong, so running some reports and analysis after it's been going a couple of weeks and then optimizing will add credibility to the system when you do the sales roll out.

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                      Nick Altenburg

                      I'm going to repost, but continue the conversation with you here.


                      We currently have and old, unused lead scoring system set up. Can I set up a new one without it clashing with the old one? Then eventually delete the old one.

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                          Darrell Alfonso

                          Yup, you can, just create a new scoring field.


                          Scoring fields are the kind where you can use the +5 and -5 values.


                          Hopefully your old scoring system is in a program, and then you can just clone the whole thing and replace all the lead score fields with your new lead score field.


                          Or you can import one of marketo's default lead scoring programs from the template library.