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    Model N as a CRM

    Danny Tran

      Hey everyone,


      Have any of you ever used Model N as your CRM? This is the direction that my company is wanting to move towards and if anyone out there has some pointers or would be willing to have a chat, I'd really appreciate it.




      Danny T.

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          Chris Johnston

          Model N doesn't even claim to be a CRM, let alone a good one. I think you will have a lot of issues. We have clients in this space and while an option for CPQ and other revenue management, it's not going to have the functionality of a CRM. Usually people would put this on top of a Salesforce.


          Direct from https://www.modeln.com/ front page:

          "Transform the revenue lifecycle into a strategic, end-to-end process aligned across the enterprise, with Salesforce-native applications that automate and streamline critical business processes and provide the visibility and actionable insight needed to maximize revenues."


          You don't make native Salesforce apps if you are trying to compete with Salesforce.

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              Danny Tran

              I 100% agree. However, our company was acquired and the upper management of the acquiring company doesn't see the value of continuing with SFDC. I wish it were a different story... Needless to say a lot of things have already started breaking and we continue to face many challenges in and around this topic (among others). I definitely think this is going to be extremely difficult and will require a ton of resources just to get it to possibly work. I'm just hoping that someone out there can provide a bit of guidance or maybe they can tell me about how doomed I am.