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    Operational Emails

    Daniel Coyne

      For operational emails, i know that Marketo will bypass unsubscribe settings, and will NOT bypass the Black Listed setting. My question is how do operational emails treat other settings, specifically:

      Microsoft Do Not Email

      Microsoft Do Not Send Marketing Material

      Email Invalid(this box was manually checked, not checked due to a hard or soft bounce)


      Any insight is helpful

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          David Gaible

          Hi Daniel - these aren't standard Marketo fields; they must be custom fields to your instance. Because of that, operational emails will not have any interaction with these settings.

          However, I'd recommend checking with your Dynamics admin as to what these fields are intended for, as these are important-sounding fields!

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            Juli James

            As David has said, the Operational emails only look at Unsubscribe settings, nothing else.  So if you don't want to send to those emails I would use Operational, but also work with smart lists that exclude those who you don't want to email.  Bit of a two pronged approach to preventing emails going to the wrong person, but i think a more comprehensive one.


            As per the Marketo Doc you can see what operational emails work with: Make an Email Operational - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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