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Express Opt-In Checkbox on Forms - CASL Compliance

Question asked by Ande Kempf Expert on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Dan Stevens.

Hello! I was wondering how you guys were handling a certain operating procedure for getting expressed opt-in for Canadian prospects. In my understanding, if you are obtaining expressed opt-in on the forms of your site, the opt-in question must be unchecked.


However, if the expressed opt-in question must remain unchecked at all times regardless if the prospect is a returning visitor who already has expressed opt-in, then doesn't that continuously allow prospects the opportunity to opt-in/out?


Let me know if I am wrong! If not, how are you getting around this? I was discussing with a colleague the possibility of creating a temp "Express Opt-in" field on forms thats purpose would be to only update the records real "expressed opt-in" if it is not yet marked, TRUE.


OR use progressive profiling for the Express Opt-In field on the forms. That way the Opt-In field is removed once it is filled out. However, I can imagine ways in which this could get messy. And to my knowledge, the expressed opt-in field is required to be on forms at all times. Again, let me know if I am wrong.