Tip: Eventbrite & Zapier Registrations

Discussion created by 336b592e1722e3e44acebffd18b1ce0011cfd9e4 on Jun 14, 2017

I followed the guide by Christina Brimecomb (Eventbrite & Marketo Integration in a Zap! ) to set up the Eventbrite to Marketo registration Zap. It works very well, except for one little problem, when people were getting more than one "ticket" for an event in Eventbrite, Zapier was running them through the process multiple times and creating a duplicate lead each time:


So I added an extra step to the registration Zap as outlined by Christina:



This goes in between the Eventbrite trigger and the first Marketo action.



The details of the filter are "Only continue if..." ID does not contain "-". Don't include the quotes around the dash, it appears that when someone registers for more than one ticket it creates three separate orders in Eventbrite, but adds a - and a number for each purchase after the first so for example the first purchase might have an id of 800832282, the second order for that person would be 800832282-1, the third 800832282-2, and so on.




Not sure if there is another way around this, but the filter seems to work.