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Field value selection issue with visability rule

Question asked by b91e5736e2c7a869e2bb2853c7e29ac74882d293 on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by Sanford Whiteman

I have a field value selection issue when once Apple is selected field b value will populate (one value), but when user picks another Field A value (pear, orange or banana after picking Apple), two values should show up and but ONLY one value will show up:


Correct visibility rule: When pear, orange and banana is picked, medium and large should show up.

Issue: When Apple is picked, small shows up and when another Field A value is picked (pear, orange or banana), only small shows up (and medium and large doesn't show up)


1. When Field A is selected and pops up Field B, like:


Field A values:

(a) Apple (only has one value in visibility rule)

(b) Pear (has two values)

(c) Orange (has two values)

(d) banana (has two values)


Field B Values:

(a) small: only applies to value a1

(b) medium and large: applies to all (except value = Apple)


Is there a fix for this?
1. I tried deleting the form
2. deleted the field and added back
3. ordering the visibility rule differently