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Dealing with IE8/9 with marketo Munchkin

Question asked by Yaron Meiner on Jun 13, 2017

We had a case of tracking issues for old browsers that went out of support. Users that are coming to the site in unsupported versions might get broken JS. When minimizing JS payload, the marketo munchkin script might not shoot at all because of unrelated scripts that don't fit the version. This caused us to lose visibility on users that are viewing our content in old browsers.


Why this is important: Some returning customers are coming from institutes with old technology. We don't want to miss the opportunity to discuss their new needs.


The symptom - we see the email click but do not see the page view in the logs (breaks our nurturing campaigns that are depended on scoring)

Solutions we implemented.


1. Reduce page elements for old browsers to present content and logo only.

2. Separate the Marketo Munchkin from the rest of the minimized JS.

3. Present a message on the screen to let people know that their browser is not supported and give a link to a simple form in a simple page so they can contact us.

4. In scoring campaign that is related to click in email - if click on email, user agent (browser) contains old unsupported versions - give extra point so they cross the revival threshold by clicking on the link only. this way, even if the website is presented badly, at least an account manager can contact the person.


Hope it helps.