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    Sales Insight - Salesforce Activity History

    Elizabeth Bonin

      Is it possible for Sales Insight data to populate in the lead/contact's activity history?

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          Josh Hill

          you can do this by going to Admin>SFDC>sync activities


          not recommended due to overhead.

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            Joey Forcelli

            Yes, it is possible to include the Sales Insights data into the activity history.  I would definitely recommend being intentional with what you have populated in the activity history from Sales Insights.  You do not want to create a lot of clutter that would prevent sales from effectively using the activity history nor exceed your SF data allocation. 


            I have seen one case where a client had synced EVERYTHING from Sales Insights to the activity history and were broaching the upper limits of their agreement w/ SF.  Each business has a different set of requirements and preferences but I typically recommend only including communication sends (text or email) and key activities (content download, event registration ectc.).


            Hope this helps.