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Introducing the Bozeman Marketo User Group!

Question asked by Rachel Noble Expert on Jun 13, 2017

Hi everybody!


Welcome to the Bozeman Marketo Community. Right now, the pool of Marketo users in the area is limited, but hopefully the crowd will grow with time! In case you missed it, here's a link where you can provide feedback about which date(s) work for you for our first meeting:


Since most of us have not yet met one another, our first meeting will focus around introductions and networking. For those of you joining us on our online community, let's use this thread as an opportunity to introduce ourselves. I'll go first! I grew up in southern California and moved to Montana about ten years ago. I'm a mathematician at heart and have been working in Marketing Ops for the past few years. I'm the Marketing Automation Manager and Marketo Administrator at PFL - a MarTech company that specializes in direct mail. In my free time, I love to hike, swim, read, and bake lots of cupcakes.


What topics are you interested in pursuing in our first meeting or any other meetups going forward?


Looking forward to meeting you all!