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    Error when importing a program - field doesn't exist

    Dan Stevens.

      As part of the process to test the Email Editor 2.0 in our sandbox environment, we need to import our production email template/images into our sandbox account.  So I've created a program in production that contains email assets based on the templates.  During the import, it should bring over all related templates and images.  But for some reason, Marketo is throwing an error because the fields in Field Management are not the same across both environments:



      Why does Marketo care if the fields aren't in sync?  There is no reference to the fields in the smart campaigns.  Is this expected behavior?


      So then I tried this again.  I removed all smart campaigns and just kept the actual email asset in the program. The program imported fine, but the email asset wasn't included:



      Sandbox (imported program):

      I wanted to check here first before opening a support ticket.