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    7 Roles ---> Different formats  Marketing Automation Gurus Wanted

    Maneeza Aminy

      Dear Purple People,

      Hopefully by now, you all know who we are at MarvelMarketers.com.  We are a Gold Marketo Partner, 100% percent referral based, and just awesome.  I am known for hiring amazing people.  We have 6 different opportunities all requiring the core skill set of Marketo Knowledge:


      3 Onsite Dedicated Consultants with our Amazing Silicon Valley Campus Clients

      1 Dedicated Remote Consultants with our Amazing High Tech Fortune 500 Clients

      1 or 2 Senior Consultants for our Industry Practice

      1 or 2 Mid Level Consultants

      1 Marketing Automation Project Manager.


      If you want to join us, please send your resume to Awesomecareers@marvelmarketers.com.  Everyone knows our team, clients and training programs are epic.  If you want job descriptions, many of them on our website under About Us< Career Opportunities.  We are picky and so constantly hiring.  If you are amazing, and want to join a fast growing organization with tons of autonomy, please do shoot us over your info.


      Enjoy your weekend!