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Bulk Activity API - Activity Attributes?

Question asked by Kurt Koller on Jun 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by 92d0d3bacdd9e0b39d1d53cb615d1be059faa21b

We've been anticipating the bulk API for retrieving Lead and Activity information. Can't wait.


I've looked over the documentation for the Activity bulk download at


I have a question, I see that I can specify fields and in the documentation it says:


Default fields are: marketoGUID, leadId, activityDate, activityTypeId, campaignId, primaryAttributeValueId, primaryAttributeValue, attributes.  Fields may only be filtered out when exporting activities


That's cool, but where will we get the the attributes we currently get when we download activities? Like on a change value, there's Old Value, New Value, etc, each activity type has specific additional attributes. What field do we specify to get those attributes, and how will they be represented in the resulting CSV, SSV, TSV file? Json in a single column? Any information would be appreciated, and as a suggestion in this case a sample CSV in the documentation would be very useful.