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    Checkboxes on forms - CASL compliant approach

    Ande Kempf

      I'm trying to update my forms to contain a CASL compliant opt-in. However, when you add in a checkbox field on a form the checkbox displays on the left instead of the right and on my LPs that means the checkbox actually appears underneath the field question: I wanted the checkbox on the left because it looks better and is easier to read:



      So I followed the steps here provided by Grégoire Michel: https://nation.marketo.com/message/131528 and made the change:



      But now the field is not updating as I thought it would. Meaning, if the checkbox is left blank after a form submission the newsletter opt-in field does not become FALSE/unchecked on the lead record and vice-versa. I have tried changing the "Stored Value" to "True, Yes, and 1". But with each test submission, I come back without a changed email opt-in.



      Let me know if you know why this is happening!