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    QUICK TIP: Lookup Values Populating with Salesforce 13 Digit Id's

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      Have you ever had your Marketo Lookup field populate with these random 13 digit codes instead of the values you want?

      If you have, its more than likely because your lookup field on a Lead, Contact, Account, and/or Object is referencing another Salesforce object in the system.  When Marketo fetches this data for synch, Salesforce sends the Record Type ID - NOT the Textual Value it represents. 

      Luckily there is a quick fix to get the right values you want to see in Marketo!

      Go into your Salesforce Instance (MUST HAVE ADMIN PRIVILEGES):
      >>Customize (Create if its on a Custom Object)
      >>Create a NEW CUSTOM FIELD

      Step 1. Choose the Field Type

      Step 2. Choose the Output Type:
      >>Name the field something consistent like "Citizenship Text" as we WIlLL be using this for Segmentation later

      Step 3. Enter Formula
      What we want to do is run a relationship query on that object and ask for the Name instead of the ID.

      In the formula section put the field that's causing you problems (for example in the above I have Citizenship):

      Now CHANGE the end of this field to represent the query (c => "r.Name":

      >>Select Next

      Step 4. Establish Field Level Security
      >>You'll want to remove visibility from ALL but System Admin solely for testing purposes
      >>Once you have verified the values are now shown you can remove this field from your System Admin Page Layout as well. 

      The data should synch to Marketo over the next synch periods (depending on how much data there is) and now you can segment by the true values!

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