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Member Status in SFDC is not same as Program Status in Marketo

Question asked by f3aeb9e180314250bffd21750301351e7010be29 on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by f3aeb9e180314250bffd21750301351e7010be29


I am facing an issue with member status in SFDC campaigns. Status is changing in Salesforce based on the tag values and again changing back to the previous status.

For example:

1. Send email(Batch filter Campaign)> Program Status> Send;> SFDC Status> Send

2. Open Email (Trigger Campaign)>Program Status> open email;> SFDC Status> Open email

3. Viewed eBook(Trigger Campaign)>Program Status> viewed eBook;> SFDC Status> Viewed ebook

Opened email and Viewed eBook are success with respective tag values: 20 and 30 and send is not a success


Now the problem is member status are changing from send> viewed ebook and back to send in SFDC but in marketo statuses are fine.


I am working with support but could not find any solution for that. I am looking forward to the community for any helpful solution to try.