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    Retreive SFDC Campaign Name based on SFDC Campaign ID

    Charles THIERY



      I've created a mechanism in order to feed SFDC Campaigns with leads who fills an Unbounce webpage/form with SFDC ID in the url parameters.


      I have my Smart Campaign pushing them automatically in SFDC thanks to "Add to SFDC campaign" and to the SFDC Campaign ID saved in their Temporary field.


      However, I want now to be able to retreive the name of the SFDC Campaign that I've just updated based on the SFDC Campaign ID. My goal is to use this name in a field dedicated to track any campaign where leads has been engaged.


      I'm not sure that is possible but I've seen that in the "Activity log" when I use the step "Add to SFDC campaign" with an SFDC Campaign ID then Marketo did not comment this action with the SFDC Campaign ID but it put in the comment the name of the SFDC Campaign that I've update with this action.


      So, there is a solution which will be to put in the URL parameters not only the SFDC Campaign ID but also the SFDC Campaign Name but is not really user friendly. Or maybe the other solution is to replace the SFDC Campaign ID by the SFDC Campaign Name and doing the whole same process based on the full name.


      Anybody has an idea?


      Best Regards,