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    My smart campaign doesn't recognize the link

    Digital OC

      Hi all,

      I'm havign problems with some smart campaigns.

      I've a landing page with links that I want to track with smart campaign.

      I've created the smart campaign, the problem is that in the Smart list of the smart campaign, when I insert the short link I want to track (using the filter Clicks link on web page), it doesn't recognize the link.


      I've checked the track link option in Marketo and it is flagged, I've opened the preview of the landig page in Marketo and I've clicked on all the present links, I've tried to delete smart campaigns and create new ones, I've also tried to change short links in the landing page template (in design studio) and in the landing page (in marketing activities), but the smart list doesn't recognize neither the new short links.


      Does anyone have an idea of how to help me?