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Moving to Updated Marketo Templates

Question asked by cf2924cea88a10046c5048a88c397b8b3649ecdd on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by cf2924cea88a10046c5048a88c397b8b3649ecdd

Hi All,

Rutgers University is still using the legacy marketo templates, and the old editor. We are working on making the change, but it is quite an undertaking with over 100 workspaces and many users to be trained on the new editor and templates in order to roll out. Do any of you have experience making this change? If so I would love to connect to hear more about how the process went for you, what templates you are using, and what additional resources (if any) you leveraged to get them created and rolled out.

Thank you! Feel free to respond here or email me directly at erica.smith(at) Rutgers is currently using Marketo for advancement and alumni relations.