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    SFDC Sync User Visibility Issue

      We are in the process of rolling out our new Marketo instance and we're trying to work out some SFDC sync issues. Our SFDC instance has over 500k contacts - most of them being outdated or inactive. We don't want to expose our Marketo SFDC Sync User to all of those contacts as it would slow down our instance dramatically. Our SFDC team managed to filter that 500k number down to ~71k active contacts and only exposed the Sync User to those contacts. However, our SFDC Marketo Sync User cannot see newly converted contacts that it does not own. This is more of a Salesforce issue, but does anyone know how to expose the SFDC Marketo Sync User to only certain contacts (the ~71k legacy contacts), but also expose the sync user to any new contact that is created?


      Thanks for your help!