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UTM tracking in forms when user navigates through pages

Question asked by a432426dab2eeed484769b21b5a0eae6ff36b4f9 on Jun 2, 2017

Hello, i´m trying to enhance our forms using UTM tracking and found this great tutorial:

UTM Tracking & Marketo – Part Deux

However I have a problem with the cookie javascript, which is described there to be used so that the UTM values don´t get lost when the visitor switches from one page to another and later fills out the form. It didn´t work for me yet.


I´m firing the Munchkin code via Google Tag Manager (all pages), and have placed the cookie JS into the same Tag, just below the Munchkin code. Is that maybe wrong? Is there anything else to consider if it works through the tag manager? And i suppose the script should also fire on all pages in order for the user to keep these values stored when he navigates through other parts of the website? I´m not very tecchy.. i just copied the JS code from that Tutorial and changed the domain in it and added it to GTM..

Thanks in advance for your hints!